FM Downloads : FM14 Transfer & Data Update Packs by pr0

Setelah sebelumnya download database LFC Marshall, kita lihat database update dari pr0. Sepertinya update pr0 lebih banya update transfer. Total ada lebih dari 21.000 perubahan.


Released: 1 February 2014 - 1.4

    Apa saja yang berubah ?

    What is included

    Transfers Update

    1. Transfers from all around the world from the very best leagues to the small ones.

    2. Contract changes to reflect corrected wages.

    3. Managerial changes.

    4. Passed away players / staff are removed from database.

    5. Corrected squad numbers.

    6. In some cases adjusted personal attributes such as height and weight.

    7. Added favorite clubs, favourite staffs and so.

    8. Nationality changes.

      General Changes

      1. Chairman changes. Newly created chairmans take the place of the ones who left.

      2. Added affiliations between clubs.

      3. New people created that are not in the game, and are not wonderkids.

      4. Stadium removals.

      5. Corrected captains.

      Injured Players

          1. Players who were injured, corrected injury dates.

          2. Players who were injured, but mistakenly not added to the game.


          1. New young players created, who will become world class players in the future.

          2. In some cases adjusted CA/PA abilities of players under 21, and set wonderkids.

          Current Ability / Potential Ability Changes

              1. Adjusted stats and current ability attributes.

              2. Adjusted potential ability.


                Bagaimana cara makainya ?

                1. Download dan ekstrak pake WInrar atau program sejenis.

                2. Extract atau copas ke : Documents/ sports interactive/ fm14/ editor data

                3. Kalau tidak ada, buat saja folder dengan nama tersebut.

                4. New game, dan jangan lupa centang database pr0.

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